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Cooling A Home Without Ductwork

Mini-splits from The Fuel Company help keep your home cool and comfortable!

ductless ac cape cod, ma As summer is approaching in Cape Cod, it’s time to plan for ways to keep your home cool and comfortable during the warm weather.

Installing central air conditioning in homes that use boilers for heating can be expensive due to the need for adding ductwork which can increase the overall expense by thousands of dollars.

For a long time, homeowners who lacked ductwork had two unsatisfactory choices. They could either spend a large amount of money on installing ductwork and central air conditioning or go with window air conditioning units which may appear cheaper but have numerous drawbacks.

The Fuel Company offers ductless mini-split installation and servicing, which is a better alternative to those two options.

How do ductless mini-splits work?

The ductless AC is comprised of two parts: the outdoor compressor unit and indoor air handler (also called the evaporator). They are linked by tubing that contains power lines, communications lines, and condensate drain lines.

The function of the compressor is to compress the refrigerant vapor to make it easier to move into the condenser. At the condenser, the gas releases heat to the air around it and converts back into liquid form. After that, the liquid moves through the expansion valve, which results in a significant drop in pressure, then into the evaporator coil. In the evaporator coil, it absorbs heat from the low-pressure coolants while indoor air passes over the same coils. As a result, the air gets cooler and then exits the supply registers and cools your home.

What advantages do ductless mini-splits have?

Here are some reasons why ductless mini-splits are a cost-effective option for cooling your home, even though they don’t require ductwork installation:

Installation is quick – Installing ductless mini-splits usually takes less than a day, whereas installing ductwork followed by central A/C can take several days if not a week or longer.

You can zone your cooling – Did know that you can save on energy costs and still stay comfortable by using zoned cooling with ductless mini-splits? Instead of cooling your whole house when you’re only using part of it, mini-splits allow you to selectively cool specific zones.

You can add cooled spaces – A ductless system is able to provide cooling for areas outside the main living spaces of your home including workshops, garages, guest houses, pool houses, gardening sheds, over-the-garage apartments, she-sheds, and other accessory dwelling units.

You can supplement your central A/C – Did you add any new spaces in your home, like a finished attic or home addition, since installing your central air conditioning system? If yes, consider installing a ductless mini-split to cool these spaces and alleviate the strain on the central A/C.

You get a great return on your investment – Mini-split systems can last more than 20 years with regular maintenance, which is notably longer than central A/C equipment’s lifespan.

Why are window A/C units a bad idea?

Every year, homeowners who use window air conditioning units face a difficult decision. They must choose whether to leave the units installed during winter, which could lead to heat loss, or remove and store them. Removing them is a hassle and may be dangerous when dealing with windows above the ground floor. If they hire professionals, it can cost a considerable amount every year.

Window A/C units have several drawbacks. They are inefficient and not suitable for cooling larger spaces. They can be noisy, obstruct light, and allow bugs, pollen, dust, and dirt to enter your home. In addition, if installed on the ground floor, they can provide burglars with an easier point of entry. Installing ductless mini-splits eliminates all that hassle and expense!

Ready for cool comfort all summer long? Get in touch with The Fuel Company to get started on adding ductless mini-splits to your home!

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