Mold In Bathroom
Avoiding Mold in Your Bathroom
August 28, 2020

Avoiding Mold in Your Bathroom

Have you spotted mold in your Cape Cod home? Most of us have been unlucky enough to spot mold somewhere in our bathrooms, and let’s face it, mold is disgusting. Mold can stain, make you sick, and sometimes even kill you. While most bathroom molds aren’t completely harmless, they won’t kill you, but they can irritate your allergies and asthma.

What Causes Mold?

Mold reproduces by way of spores, which can stay dormant until they find favorable conditions to grow. Bathrooms are wet places, and mold thrives in moist conditions. Showers steam the room, and this could be the biggest problem, causing mold along the ceiling. Mold is also very likely to appear anywhere you may have a leak in your bathroom. That means you should check around the toilet, the faucets, and sink piping. If your piping is within a cabinet, be sure to check corners. The next place to check is your floor. If your flooring is porous, like carpet or wood, you may have mold there. The best type of bathroom flooring is something hard and nonporous.

How Do I Get Rid of Mold?

Ventilation is key when it comes to getting rid of or preventing mold on the Cape. If you have a window, open it while the shower is on. If you have a bathroom fan, keep it on while showering. If you don’t have a bathroom fan, consider keeping a portable fan in your bathroom. Be sure to regularly wash your shower curtain, window curtains, and bathroom rugs as well. After using the shower, dry the walls of the bathroom and make sure to clean up any water on the floor. If you’ve already noticed mold, bleach or vinegar will kill it.

Get Your Pipes Fixed on Cape Cod

If you notice any of your pipes leaking around your shower, sink, or toilet, contact us today! We’re here to stop those pesky leaks and make managing your home’s water easy in the Falmouth, MA area. If you do have a leak, getting it fixed is the best and only way to prevent mold. Our highly trained plumbers are experts when it comes to piping, so trust us to take care of any plumbing problems you may have.