Money Saving Rebates

Save Up To $2,500 with Energy Rebates

$205,000. That’s how much money we saved our customers in 2017 through Mass Save, Mass CEC, and Cape Light Compact energy rebates. How much can we save you?

Be 40% Cooler.

Get America’s #1 Home Comfort Solution™

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating ductless systems provide year-round comfort and are up to 40% more efficient than traditional systems.

Meet One-way Ceiling Cassettes

Design and performance in one compact unit.

Products are customizable to fit your home, energy needs and budget without sacrificing on design.

Shades of Comfort

That Fit Your Needs

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating ductless systems are the perfect solution for one room or for your entire home.

A Better Way to Complete Home Comfort
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We are a certified Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor which means our technitians have the highest level of accreditation, training and hands on expertise.
Stay Cool All Summer Long

Switch to ductless and lose those bulky window units. Mitsubishi ductless systems offer a sleeker appearance, remarkable efficiency, and unparalleled comfort.

Ductless HVAC Solutions

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing traditional air conditioning systems where there is no ductwork is a big project. Ductless systems can be installed in less than one day.

Zone-by-Zone Control

Control each zone in your home independently and even turn off zones that are not in use.

Energy Star

Many of our systems are ENERGY STAR qualified and may be eligible for federal and state tax credits or local utility rebates.


Now you have a choice: Cool or Heat your entire home or just one room at a time.
Zoned Comfort Solutions

Multi-Zone Solutions

Single-Zone Solutions

Interested in learning more? Contact a comfort specialist today.
Reasons to Choose Ductless


The Mitsubishi ductless heating & cooling systems we install are compact, unobtrusive and can fit easily into any room in your home. They don’t require bulky ductwork so they can be installed in any home. This is a great solution for many of the older homes on the Cape that were built as summer residences and only later converted for year-round use.


A ductless system can provide efficient heating all winter long. Then, when warmer temperatures return, each unit can be switched over to cooling mode with the touch of a button. You can control temperature on a room-by-room basis for personalized comfort.

Low Cost of Operation

Ductless units are highly efficient, requiring minimal electrical power to provide warmth all winter and cool, dry air during summer months. A single outdoor compressor can support up to four interior units for even more efficiency.  


Unlike noisy, dripping window air conditioners or thrumming fans, ductless heating & cooling units are “whisper quiet” in both heating and cooling mode.

Energy Efficiency

Many of our customers have installed ductless heating & cooling systems to supplement their home’s regular oil heat or gas heat system, using the flexibility of the ductless units to heat or cool just the rooms they use most often. Many ductless homeowners report energy savings of 40-50%. Great savings and a far smaller carbon footprint!

Improved Air Quality

Highly effective air filters in each ductless heating & cooling unit sharply reduce airborne allergens and contaminants. You’ll breathe easier!