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Ductless Heating and Cooling on Cape Cod

Ductless heating & cooling systems are the fastest growing home comfort solutions in the country. Sometimes referred to as mini-split systems, they offer whisper-quiet operation, fingertip temperature controls, and industry-leading energy efficiency. Plus, it’s hard to understate the convenience of having a single system that manages both your heating and cooling needs. And these are just some of the reasons that make ductless mini split systems the perfect choice for Cape Cod homes and businesses.
Push a button and your ductless system switches instantly from heating mode to cooling. No need for two systems. Plus, you have the flexibility to heat or cool one room, multiple rooms, or your entire home.

“Though they require electricity to operate, efficient Air Source Heat Pumps use 4070% less electricity than traditional electric-resistance heating.”
-Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC)

Zoned Comfort Solutions

Traditional home heating systems use either radiant heat or forced hot air to warm the interior of a home. Most of these systems rely on a single thermostat to adjust the temperature throughout the entire home. We install ductless heating and cooling systems in Falmouth and throughout Cape Cod for customers looking for more control.

These combination heating and air conditioning systems let you adjust the temperature of separate rooms in your Falmouth home independently of one another. Each unit has its own control panel. This allows you to crank the heat where it’s needed without wasting money heating vacant rooms. When summer rolls around, these units provide air conditioning with the same level of customization and control.

Multi-Zone Solutions

Single-Zone Solutions

Save with Ductless Heating and Cooling on Cape Cod

Ductless heating and cooling systems are far more efficient than traditional climate control options. An ENERGY STAR certified unit can save you 30% off your cooling bills and 60% off your heating bills. These systems use sophisticated compressors and fans to conserve energy. However, they also benefit from generating hot and cold air precisely where it’s needed.

Traditional ducted systems lose up to 30% of their heat in the winter as hot air travels through the ductwork. In the summer, ac systems lose a similar amount of cool air to leaks and radiant loss in the ductwork. Ductless air conditioning systems avoid this waste by generating the hot or cold air only where it’s needed. By installing a ductless heating system, you’ll enjoy year-round comfort while saving on energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.


That’s how much money we saved our customers in 2020 through Mass Save, Mass CEC, and Cape Light Compact energy rebates. How much can we save you? We make it even easier by completing the rebate application and providing all the required documentation for you. You save both time and money!

Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems


The Mitsubishi ductless heating & cooling systems we install are compact and unobtrusive. So it’s easy to find a place for them in any room of your home. Plus, they don’t require bulky ductwork, simplifying installations and opening up placement options. The flexibility of ductless systems makes it easy to convert summer homes on the Cape into year-round residences.


A ductless system can provide efficient heating all winter long. Then, when warmer temperatures return, each unit can be switched over to cooling mode with the touch of a button. You can even control temperature on a room-by-room basis for personalized comfort.

Low Cost of Operation

Ductless units are highly efficient machines. They require minimal electrical power to provide warmth all winter and cool, dry air during summer months. And with a single outdoor compressor, you can install up to four interior units for even more efficiency. 


Have you ever dealt with noisy, dripping window air conditioners or the thrumming fans of forced air systems? If so, you’ll surely appreciate the almost imperceptible hum of a ductless system. Ductless heating & cooling units are “whisper quiet” in both heating and cooling mode.

Energy Efficiency

Many of our customers have installed ductless heating & cooling systems to supplement their home’s regular oil heat or gas heat system. They use the flexibility of the ductless units to heat or cool only the rooms they use most often. As a result, many report energy savings of 40-50%. Great savings and a far smaller carbon footprint!

Improved Air Quality

Each ductless heating & cooling unit includes a highly effective air filter. These filters significantly reduce airborne allergens and contaminants. Thus, ductless systems will make you more comfortable and let you breathe easier.

Our Ductless Heating & Cooling Services
24/7 Emergency Service & Repair
System Maintenance with Media & Filtration Changes
Extended 12 year Diamond Contractor Warranty
Ductless systems offer the most cost-efficient way to keep your customers and employees warm and safe all winter, and cool and dry in the summer’s heat.
Ductless offers the most cost-efficient way to keep your customers and employees warm and safe all winter, and cool and dry in the summer’s heat.

The Ideal Comfort Solution for Small Businesses

Compact design, quiet operation, and dual-purpose flexibility of heating & cooling in a single system. These qualities make Mitsubishi Ductless Heating & Cooling systems perfect for commercial applications. Our experts of HVAC on Cape Cod can design a customized system to meet your company’s specific needs. From restaurants and hotels, to offices or retail, ductless heating & cooling offers distinct advantages.

  • Quiet, efficient operation for office environments, restaurants, hotels, and retail spaces
  • Control the climate in a single room, one floor, or the whole building
  • Switch from heating to cooling with the push of a button
  • No need for expensive ductwork, making ductless ideal for historic buildings
  • Great for computer rooms, laboratories, and production zones that require precise temperature regulation

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