Bioheat The Evolution Of OilHeat

We are all making the cleaner environmental choice to heat homes with Bioheat.

Bioheat Innovative Liquid Fuel

February 22, 2020

Bioheat®: Efficient, Clean Home Heating Fuel for Cape Cod’s Homes & Businesses

Massachusetts and all of New England are looking for ways to go green when it comes to home comfort, heating, and energy. That’s why we at The Fuel Company have stepped into the world of cleaner, renewable home heating that is more sustainable for our environment.

Maybe you’ve heard about Bioheat®—but are you familiar with the details of the liquid heating fuel? Here’s some more information to help you feel good about keeping your Cape Cod home safe, comfortable, and warm with this reliable and affordable home heating fuel.

What is Bioheat? Where does it come from?

Bioheat is an innovative liquid fuel that can be used in place of traditional #2 home heating oil for residential and commercial heating. Bioheat is a green fuel produced by combining standard fuel oil with renewable and/or reusable resources like plant oils and recycled cooking grease. It reduces our dependence on foreign oil imports, creates more jobs in the US, and supports local businesses.

Why should my family use Bioheat?

Because Bioheat burns cleanly and safely in your existing oil heating equipment and does not cost more for you as the homeowner, there is no downside to switching to Bioheat. We at The Fuel Company are committed to providing our customers with clean, safe home heating options and are excited that together with our customers, we are all making the cleaner environmental choice to heat homes with Bioheat.

Is Bioheat as safe as regular heating oil?

Just like traditional home heating oil, Bioheat is a safe and nonexplosive energy source for your home or business due to its production of visible warning signs during a malfunction and its private storage capability. Today’s Bioheat produces near-zero levels of emissions, which means it’s also great for the environment.

How can I order Bioheat for my home?

All you have to do to order Bioheat fuel for your Massachusetts home is contact The Fuel Company and let us know you’d like to switch to Bioheat. We’ll immediately honor your request at no extra cost to you. The next time you’re due for a heating oil delivery, we’ll provide you with high-quality Bioheat fuel instead.

Bioheat is helping to set a new standard for home heating oil, offering a safe, sustainable fuel solution for the future. Contact us today to become a new Bioheat customer.

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