Bioheat® is a liquid heating fuel that homeowners across New England are using to keep their homes warm and the environment safe. But what exactly is Bioheat? Bioheat fuel is made by mixing oil with biodiesel, which is a renewable energy resource made from fatty acids found in soy, corn, vegetable oils, animal fats, and other natural sources.

Switching to Bioheat is easy because Bioheat can be used in your existing heating oil system, and local energy providers like The Fuel Company deliver it in your neighborhood. Read on to find out why Bioheat is the better, safer, and cleaner choice for home heating on the Upper and Mid Cape.

5 Benefits of Switching to Bioheat Fuel for Home Heating

1. Lowers emissions to help protect the environment.
Since Bioheat fuel is made from renewable resources, such as soybeans, it biodegrades quickly and is a safer and non-toxic alternative fuel for heating. It produces lower emissions than traditional heating oil, which promotes better air quality and helps protect the environment.

2. Promotes better operation of your heating system.
When compared to a typical oil-burning household, switching to Bioheat for home heating can help your family conserve oil and produce fewer emissions. Your heating system will burn cleaner, allowing it to operate at peak efficiency, so you’ll need less fuel deliveries

3. Helps prolong the life of your equipment.
Bioheat fuel has lubricating properties, which allows for less required maintenance and can extend the life of your equipment. It’s one of the most sustainable fuels on the planet, so it’s good for your equipment as well as the environment.

4. Produces a cleaner burn to help reduce fuel costs.
Of course you want the air you’re inhaling to be as clean as possible. Switching to Bioheat fuel for home heating can provide a superior air quality. Heating your home with Bioheat has a similar price tag to traditional home heating oil, although slightly lower. The renewable energy components help Bioheat burn more efficiently and last longer, which helps you save.

5. No modifications to your current equipment are necessary.
Since performance and properties of Bioheat are similar to traditional home heating oil and maintenance is standard, you don’t need to make any modifications to your current equipment. Bioheat fuel may even help your equipment run more efficiently than before.

If you’re looking to go green and switch to a renewable, clean-burning fuel source to heat your home this winter, contact The Fuel Company to learn more about Bioheat fuel for home heating!