There are great savings opportunities with rebates up to $2750 with 0% financing available from Mass Save.

October 26, 2018

Cape Cod Home Heating Doesn’t Have to Be Spooky

Halloween is almost here, which means that residents and business owners of homes on Cape Cod are celebrating the season. Whether you prefer corn mazes, pumpkin spice lattes, trick or treating, or haunted houses, The Fuel Company is here to take care of your home heating so you don’t have to. Contact us for 24/7 home heating care so you can get back to enjoying the Massachusetts autumn!

5 Spooky Things on Cape Cod

  1. Skeletons
  2. Ghouls
  3. Witches
  4. Zombies
  5. A furnace or boiler breakdown!

Upgrade Your Furnace or Boiler to High Efficiency

While we can’t necessarily protect you from a Salem witch migration, we can help you avoid a home heating system breakdown! There’s nothing scarier than trying to turn on your heat during the year’s first snowstorm and feeling cold air come out of the vents. Upgrading your system to a new, high-efficiency model will significantly reduce the risk of a mid-winter breakdown AND save you money annually on your cape cod home heating oil deliveries.

Other Reasons to Upgrade Your Furnace or Boiler:

  1. Rebates up to $2750 with 0% financing are available. You heard that right! Mass Save is offering oil-fired heating system rebates and financing for residents on Cape Cod. There are great savings opportunites for you in you live in the Greater Falmouth, MA area. We do the rebates for you and can help provide more information on these great savings opportunities.
  2. Reduce heating bills for years to come. A heating installation will quickly pay for itself in reduced heating oil usage, more efficient operation, and fewer necessary repairs and replacements. Call us at (508) 548-3030 for a free quote on a new oil-fired boiler or furnace.
  3. Give your family greater peace of mind. October is spooky, but November and December will be scary if you can’t rely on your MA home heating system. An unreliable furnace or boiler sets the tone for a cold house, frozen pipes, discomfort, and more. The simple fix is upgrading your heating system to a newer, more dependable model.

Ready to Upgrade Your Cape Cod Home Heating System?

The Fuel Company is only a phone call away! Please feel free to contact us for a professional recommendation on a heating system according to your home, heating preference, and budget. Our expert heating techs will be pleased to assist you, our valued customer.

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