Bioheat Fuel For Earth Day

Learn Fast Facts about Bioheat® Fuel

April 21, 2020

Beyond the Basics: Bioheat® Facts for Earth Day

The Fuel Company is pleased to celebrate Earth Day this year by talking about the heating fuel that we deliver to do our part for the planet: Bioheat®. We are proud to deliver this environmentally friendly heating fuel not just on Earth Day, but all year long. Not only is it better for the environment, but it is better for our customers and our local economy, too. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Safe Bioheat Delivery during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Circumstances caused by the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, global pandemic have significantly altered daily life for our customers on the Cape. The Fuel Company remains open as an essential business, providing safe Bioheat fuel deliveries and HVAC services. The health and well-being of our employees and our customers remains our top priority. We are closely following CDC guidelines to remain available to you during these challenging times. Click here to read our full COVID-19 update.

Bioheat Fact or Fiction?

Whether you are a longtime Bioheat customer or are new to The Fuel Company and want to learn more about this eco-friendly energy option, we’re breaking down some common questions so that you can better understand the benefits of this green heating fuel.

FACT OR FICTION? Bioheat is a renewable heating fuel.

FACT! Bioheat is a renewable heating fuel because it is made from a blend of ultra-low sulfur oil and renewable biodiesel. Biodiesel is renewable because it is made from renewable and recycled resources, like agricultural vegetable oil by-products and recycled animal fats.

FACT OR FICTION? Bioheat produces lower emissions compared to other fuels.

FACT! By blending ultra-low sulfur heating oil with renewable biodiesel, Bioheat is significantly cleaner burning than other liquid heating fuels. It produces fewer emissions than traditional heating oil and is nontoxic. All of these factors contribute to cleaner air in our community.

FACT OR FICTION? I would need a new heating system to use Bioheat in my home.

FICTION! If you already have an oil boiler or oil furnace, your system is ready to use Bioheat. Bioheat requires no modifications to be used in oil heating systems, which means if you don’t already order Bioheat for your home, you can do so whenever you’re ready.

FACT OR FICTION? Bioheat helps support jobs and our local economy.

FACT! According to, the Bioheat industry employs roughly 60,000 people and counting. By ordering Bioheat heating fuel from a local energy provider like The Fuel Company, you are doing your part two-fold to support your community. We appreciate your business!

Have more questions about the benefits of Bioheat? Check out our blog to read more about this alternative heating fuel. The Fuel Company is proud to be one of the leading fuel delivery providers serving the Cape with dependable fuel delivery and professional HVAC services. Contact us to order Bioheat today or to ask questions about our current operations.