One yearly tune-up can reduce your annual fuel oil bills by as much as 10% along with providing extended equipment warranty and reduced risk of breakdowns.

Cape Cod Heating System For Winter

October 25, 2020

3 Tips to Prepare Your Cape Cod Heater for Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and we want to do everything we can to help you and your home be prepared for the weather. At The Fuel Company, we offer professional tune-up and maintenance services by our licensed and highly-qualified technicians to keep your heating system running smoothly and problem-free during the cold months. Give your heating system the care it needs to provide dependable warmth and comfort for your family this winter!

How to Prepare Your Heating System for Cold Weather:

Schedule a Heating Tune-Up

The best way to prepare your Cape Cod home’s furnace or boiler is to book a yearly cleaning, or tune-up, for its health and longevity. This efficiency boost can reduce your annual fuel oil bills by as much as 10% along with providing other benefits like extended equipment warranty and reduced risk of breakdowns.

Our heating system tune-ups always include:

  • Test and adjust oil burner for maximum efficiency
  • Check all safety controls
  • Check all operating controls
  • Vacuum and clean heating system
  • Vacuum and clean smoke pipe (when accessible/applicable)

Haven’t scheduled your yearly tune-up yet? Click here to book an appointment with The Fuel Company!

Repair Any Problem-Causing Issues before Winter

If you turn on your heating system in the fall and notice issues or a major malfunction, be sure to get in touch with your local energy experts right away. It’s easier and less stressful for you to have your furnace or boiler repaired before the snow starts to fall—plus, you’ll have more availability for appointment times. When it comes to repairs, you don’t want to cut corners; experience makes a difference. You can rely on our service technicians to properly repair your system the first time.

Consider a High-Efficiency Heating Equipment Upgrade

Our financing makes it easy for you to upgrade your furnace or boiler. If you don’t think your heating system is going to hold up all winter, the cheaper, safer, and more reassuring option may be to replace it completely. There’s no need to spend money on repairing your system five times over the course of the winter if you could invest that cost into a brand new system that will increase your comfort, safety, and property value.

For a personalized consultation on how you can prepare your home and heating system for winter on the Cape, be sure to reach out to our experts! We want the best for every customer and would be more than pleased to speak with you about your home.