We can even help you apply for a MassSave HEAT Loan of up to $25,000, with 0% financing and terms of up to 7 years.
August 04, 2017

How Easy is it to Get an Early Replacement Rebate?

We take great pleasure in helping our customers to take advantage of state and local rebate programs that promote more energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

Last year alone we were able to help homeowners earn more than $95,000 in rebates – and that’s before they started to see their heating and cooling costs reduced thanks to more efficient equipment.

Still, we sometimes hear from customers who are reluctant to “do all that paperwork” in order to claim their rebate. True, there are several forms that need to be completed, and in many cases an energy audit is required in advance (it’s free). But the opportunity to save significant money is well worth the effort, especially since we can help you with the necessary documentation and submission.

The first step is to have one of our licensed technicians inspect your current heating system in order to document the type and age of the equipment. With this information we can research the available rebate options to identify which programs for which you might be eligible.

Next we’ll help you schedule a no-cost energy assessment. Once completed and approved, we work with you to complete all the forms and produce the documentation necessary to apply for the rebate. We can even help you apply for a MassSave HEAT Loan of up to $25,000, with 0% financing and terms of up to 7 years.

It is all pretty simple! We do most of the paperwork. You get a new, reliable and energy efficient home heating system, at a cost reduced by a helpful rebate, and professionally installed by our experienced technicians.

How much could you save? The current Early Equipment Replacement program offers up to $3,500 in rebates. The total rebate you may be eligible for depends on the type and age of the system you are replacing, and the efficiency rating of your new system.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you apply for an Early Equipment Replacement rebate, please call Bill Earle or Joe Kelly at (508) 388-1009.