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Gas Conversions

Convert Your Cape Cod Home or Business to Gas

The Fuel Company Handles Everything So That You Can Enjoy the Comfort and Convenience of Gas!

Have you been thinking about adding gas appliances to your home or business in Barnstable, Falmouth, or another community in the Upper and Mid-Cape region? The Fuel Company is here for you every step of the way as a full-service provider of HVAC and comfort equipment.

The Fuel Company has been offering dependable service to homes and businesses in the area for more than 50 years. We understand the needs of Cape Cod homes and businesses, and we are there when you need us.

We provide comprehensive service for converting your home to gas. We run service connections and install gas appliances such as furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. The Fuel Company also provides maintenance and repair services for gas heating and hot water systems, as well as maintenance plans that keep your new gas appliances running efficiently and smoothly.

Residential Gas Services

Gas Conversions for Homes

Using gas in your home can provide many amenities. Cooking with gas offers precise, custom temperature control that no electric range can provide. A gas fireplace gives you cozy warmth and comfort with the push of a button. Using a gas clothes dryer gets your laundry dry 25% faster than comparable electric models while reducing wear. The moister heat of a gas dryer also creates fewer wrinkles, so you reduce your ironing!

Feel safe and secure during power outages with a gas-fired whole-house standby generator that keeps the lights on, food safely cold, sump pumps running, and home medical equipment like CPAP machines powered.

You can also run gas lines to your outdoor propane appliances like grills, firepits, and pool and spa heaters to make your home a destination for fun and relaxation.

The Fuel Company is your one-stop shop for all of your heating, cooling, and comfort equipment services for your home or business. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!

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The Fuel Company has been Cape Cod’s choice for dependable residential and commercial heating oil delivery for more than half a century, and we remain dedicated to providing outstanding service you can count on.

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