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Our Reliability Can’t Be Matched!

For more than 50 years, The Fuel Company has been serving the Upper and Mid-Cape region. We understand the needs of our customers because you’re our neighbors.

That’s why we offer reliable heating oil delivery and services, so you’ll be secure in knowing that we’re on the job of keeping your home or business warm, safe and comfortable when Old Man Winter is doing his worst.

Heating Oil Delivery You Can Count On

We deliver peace of mind along with our heating oil. Being a longtime local business, we have outstanding relationships with our fuel suppliers. You can always be assured that we have heating oil for you.

Virtually all our customers choose our Automatic Delivery plan for their heating oil delivery because of its ease and convenience. Our state-of-the-art software uses your heating oil usage history and the latest weather conditions to accurately calculate when you will need more heating oil. With that data in hand, we make a delivery before you run low.


Committed to a Greener Cape Cod with B20 Bioheat Plus® Fuel

We live right here on Cape Cod, and we cherish the environment here. That’s why we’re part of the heating oil industry’s drive to become carbon-neutral by the year 2050. Our B20 Bioheat Plus® fuel helps us deliver on that goal and more!

B20 Bioheat Plus is a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and natural biodiesel made with feedstocks like plant oils, recycled commercial kitchen oils and algae. The biodiesel is from right here in New England, which keeps waste out of landfills while helping to create a heating oil blend that burns more cleanly than natural gas! It also helps your heating system last longer and run more efficiently.

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Quality Heating Oil Tank Installation

Heating oil tanks have made advancements in recent years that mean they’re safer and more durable. The Fuel Company installs Roth double-walled tanks that are designed to give you the highest level of protection from leaks that can damage your home and the environment. Our Roth tanks come with a 30-year limited warranty and a $2 million environmental liability policy for your peace of mind.

Control Your Heating Oil Costs

We understand how important it is to have control over your household spending. That’s why we offer multiple pricing and payment options for you to choose from so that you can manage your heating oil costs in a way that best works for you and your budget.

The Fuel Company gives you heating oil services made just for you! Become a customer today.

Committed to providing service you can count on

The Fuel Company has been Cape Cod’s choice for dependable residential and commercial heating oil delivery for more than half a century, and we remain dedicated to providing outstanding service you can count on.

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