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Choosing Central Air for Your New Home

The Fuel Company will make your home cool and comfortable!

central air Falmouth, ma Are you ready for another summer of sun and fun on the Cape?

If you aren’t looking forward to your home being warm and stuffy all summer, The Fuel Company is here for you with central air conditioning installation! We are an American Standard Customer Care dealer and our team of service technicians is skilled and experienced.

Central air conditioning offers many advantages for your home. Here are some of them.

Energy efficient whole-house cooling – A central air system uses less electricity compared to several individual window A/C units and can cool multiple rooms or your entire house evenly, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout. You can have a zoned central air conditioning system that provides individualized “zones” of your home. This type of system uses motorized discs in the ductwork to direct cooled air to the desired zones. Zoned cooling can increase your central A/C’s energy efficiency.

Cleaner air – To cool your house, your central air conditioning system removes air from each room through return air ducts. As it does this, the air goes through a filter that can remove particles like dust, lint, pet dander, and allergens, depending on the filter’s density. Some filters even remove tiny pollutants. Then, the clean air is distributed around your home through the ductwork.

Humidity control – A central air system has an advantage over a window A/C unit in reducing the humidity levels in your home. It can dehumidify the air better and improve the indoor air quality by preventing mold growth.

No more window units – This may be one of the best reasons to opt for central air conditioning! Window units are a pain in the neck, what with needing to be installed in the spring then taken out in the fall, inefficient cooling, higher energy bills, and letting in bugs, dust, and dirt. Central A/C ends all that hassle.

By the way, if your home doesn’t have ductwork, The Fuel Company also offers ductless mini-split installation and service so you, too, can enjoy superior cooling and ditch those window units!

Tips for taking care of your central A/C

Annual professional maintenance tune-ups from The Fuel Company are essential to help protect your investment in your home’s central air conditioning system.

The annual tune-up is included in our AC Maintenance Plans, which also help protect you from large repair bills thanks to discounts on parts and labor costs.

It is important to have a certified technician perform annual maintenance on your air conditioning unit, but you can also contribute to improving its efficiency. By maintaining your unit correctly, you can reduce energy costs and extend its lifespan.

You can trust The Fuel Company with your central air conditioning’s installation and service. Get a FREE quote today!

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