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What Kind of Plumbing is Needed for a Hybrid Water Heater?

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If you are looking for a way to improve your home’s energy efficiency, The Fuel Company offers an outstanding option: installing a Rheem® Hybrid electric water heater.

However, switching from a conventional water heater to a hybrid isn’t as simple as removing the old one and putting in the new. The plumbing requirements for a hybrid water heater differ from those of conventional models, playing a crucial role in ensuring maximum efficiency and durability.

Let’s go over the facts about hybrid water heaters, why they are a great option for your Cape Cod home, and the plumbing work that is needed to install one.

How does a hybrid water heater work?

The refrigerant inside the evaporator coil absorbs heat from the air. The refrigerant is then pumped through a compressor, which increases its temperature. That heat is transferred throughout the tank by a water or refrigeration circulation process. Hybrid water heaters are similar to tankless water heaters in that they don’t run continuously. They also have a storage tank that can store heated water.

What are the advantages of a hybrid water heater?

While hybrid water heaters cost more upfront for purchase and installation, the long-term savings make it an outstanding option for your home.

Let’s start with the Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) rating for a hybrid water heater. The UEF rating quantifies a water heater’s energy efficiency. A higher value indicates greater efficiency. The UEF rating is derived from comparing the energy consumed by the water heater to the energy actually used to heat the water, providing a clear measure of the unit’s operational effectiveness.

Most traditional water heaters feature a Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) ranging from 0.63 to 0.95. For instance, a tankless gas water heater or a conventional electric storage water heater may boast a UEF of 0.93. This figure signifies an efficiency of approximately 9%, translating to a mere 7% of energy wasted during the process of heating and delivering water.

That’s pretty good, especially compared to an older, less efficient water heater. However, hybrid water heaters boast a UEF range of 3.5 to 4.05!

How does that translate into saving money on energy? The Rheem ProTerra® Hybrid water heater we install and service uses less electricity than a 100-watt incandescent light bulb. Over 10 years, you can save more than $4,700 on water heating energy costs!

You also benefit from tax credits, rebates, and financing for a qualifying new hybrid water heater, including:

How is plumbing different for a hybrid water heater?

One-size-fits-all just won’t cut it when it comes to the plumbing for a hybrid water heater. The efficiency of your system hinges on the type of pipes, their insulation, and the relevance of your setup.

The licensed plumbers at The Fuel Company will make sure that the plumbing for your new hybrid water heater is installed properly and safely. Here are a couple of the ways plumbing for a hybrid water heater differs than traditional water heaters.

Proper insulation is not simply a matter of preventing frozen pipes – it’s a necessity for all plumbing connected to a hybrid water heater. Insulated pipes ensure that the heated water stays hot as it travels from the hybrid heater to your intended destination, minimizing energy loss. This insulation is especially important for the heat-pump unit’s piping to prevent unwanted heat gain or loss.

The volume and flow rate of water required for hybrid water heaters differ from conventional models, necessitating a re-evaluation of your plumbing. You might need to upgrade to a larger diameter pipe to accommodate increased water movement.

Are you ready to upgrade to a new, high-efficiency hybrid water heater? Contact The Fuel Company today to get started!

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