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What Does a Heat Pump Do?

Get comfort with heat pump installation and service from The Fuel Company!

heat pump service cape cod, ma Have you heard about heat pumps lately? Here’s some information about them and how they can benefit your Cape Cod home.

Heat pumps are a fantastic air conditioning solution for homes without ductwork, commonly found in older buildings. Adding central air conditioning to such places can be prohibitively expensive. In contrast, heat pumps offer a cost-effective alternative to both the noisy and inefficient window units, which are not only unsightly but also block light and allow dust, pollen, and bugs to enter. Additionally, window units can pose a security risk.

Did you know that heat pumps also offer excellent solutions for home heating? If you’re constructing a new home and desire efficient heating and cooling without the need for ductwork, bulky furnaces or boilers, and central air conditioning units, mini-splits are the ideal choice. Additionally, heat pumps can extend their heating and cooling benefits to areas that are not served by your home’s existing HVAC system, such as home additions, enclosed sunporches, and finished attics.

With heat pump installation and maintenance from The Fuel Company, you have the capability to optimize the heating and cooling of different zones within your home, thereby maximizing energy efficiency. We also help you secure rebates and financing , and our maintenance plans help keep your heat pumps running in tip-top condition.

How heat pumps work

Heat pumps consist of two primary components: the outdoor compressor unit and the indoor air handler, also known as the evaporator. These components are connected by a conduit, which houses the tubing, power, communications, and condensate drain lines.

For cooling, refrigerant enters the compressor, where it undergoes compression as the name suggests. The compressed refrigerant then moves to the condenser, where it releases its heat. This heat is transferred from the device to the surrounding air. The refrigerant, now in liquid form, travels through a tube to the evaporator. At the evaporator coils, it absorbs heat from the indoor air passing over them. Finally, the cooled air is released into your home, creating a comfortable environment.

To heat your home, the closed-loop heat pump system operates in reverse. Instead of extracting heat from within the house, the refrigerant now absorbs heat from the outdoors. As the refrigerant transitions into a vapor due to reduced pressure, it becomes significantly colder than the outside air. Utilizing the principle of heat transfer from hot to cold, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the surrounding environment. Once the refrigerant has absorbed as much heat as possible, the outdoor compressor pressurizes it, transforming it into a hot liquid. This highly heated refrigerant is then transported to the indoor coils, where the blower helps release the heat into your home. This process ensures efficient and effective heating throughout your living space.

Trust The Fuel Company with your heat pump installation

Air-source heat pump installation is pretty straightforward. They consist of an indoor unit (compressor) and an outdoor unit (evaporator), which are connected by a conduit that includes condensate drain lines, power lines, tubing, and communications lines.

The outdoor units need to be connected above the snow line so they can operate in the winter.
Your heat pumps will be connected to your home’s electrical system.

However, heat pump installation involves more than just the physical process. This is where the training and expertise of The Fuel Company’s skilled, experienced service technicians truly set us apart.

To begin, it is crucial to perform a Manual J Load Calculation for your home. This calculation entails precise measurements and tests to accurately assess your heating pump requirements. It goes beyond simply considering the square footage of your home, taking into account various factors such as:

The installation of a heat pump is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Any installer who neglects to perform a load calculation or claims it is unnecessary is mistaken.

Our service technicians have the know-how to ensure the proper installation and optimal functioning of the heat pump before they complete their work.

With expert heat pump installation and service from The Fuel Company, your home will be comfortable all year round. Contact us today to get a FREE estimate!

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